• Latest Favourites That Make You Feel Good

  • Bottomless Brunch at Aubaine

  • My Favourite Makeup for Glowing Skin

  • Best Affordable UK Interior Stores

Latest Favourites That Make You Feel Good

I try at least once a week to schedule in a bit of pampering time with candles and face masks. I’ve written before on how important it is to find time to relax. Even taking 10 minutes to moisturise and paint your nails can make you feel so much better. And when you feel good, it shows. Which is why I am loving this new My Pretty Push Up lingerie set from Wonderbra*. Not only does it look beautiful but like… View Post

Bottomless Brunch at Aubaine

What could be better than brunch? A bottomless, boozy brunch, that’s what! Last Saturday Marc, my good friend Rosie and her boyfriend Simon all headed down to Aubaine Liverpool St to try out their unlimited Prosecco brunch menu. At £15 for unlimited food and an extra £15 for unlimited Prosecco over 2.5 hours, it is pretty good value for London. And we were determined to get our money’s worth. We decided to try everything on the special unlimited brunch menu:… View Post

My Favourite Makeup for Glowing Skin

I love the look of clear, fresh, radiant skin but struggle getting mine to look anything other than dull and tired. (I guess that’s the price I pay for living in London. That and astronomically high prices for travel, entertainment and general London living. Pah.) I work in the beauty industry so have been lucky enough to try lots of different products that aim to get the glow. (For some of my favourite brightening skincare products you can check out… View Post

Best Affordable UK Interior Stores

Slowly and steadily we are turning our flat into a home and the UK Interior Stores below are some of my favourites to shop in. As we are on a tight budget, we need good pieces at an affordable price and these homeware stores fit the bill (literally). IKEA No interiors list would be complete without IKEA. Offering everything from furniture to furnishings at affordable prices, I like to research IKEA Hacks which offer so many ideas of how to… View Post

Going blonde at Charles Worthington

Early this summer I joined the ombre hair crowd (two years late, well done Steph). The lovely team at the Richard Ward Sloane Square salon helped me get gorgeous natural sandy hair with baby blonde ends and I loved seeing my natural hair grow through and feeling it get stronger and healthier. Yet towards the end of the summer, when the weather started to get grey, I felt like I was starting to look a little washed out. Though I… View Post

Pinterest Kitchen Inspiration

I love getting interiors inspiration from Pinterest and as we have been thinking of ways to upgrade our kitchen, I thought I would share some of my favourite Pinterest Kitchen inspiration… We can’t decide whether we prefer the industrial or country designs. Which do you like the best?