• Three Fun Workouts To Try in London

    Heartcore reformer pilates
  • Easy, Healthy Recipe: Chicken Courgetti & Spinach Pesto

    Chicken courgetti recipe
  • Goodbye Dry Skin: La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP

    Lipikar Baume AP
  • Finding the Calm: 10 Ways To Relax

    Pamper evening essentials

Three Fun Workouts To Try in London

I exercise best when I am enjoying the work out. I think exercise should be fun and welcoming and yet so often gym classes rely on the same old formula: legs bums n tums, body pump, spinning and so on. I decided to make it my quest to find some of the more fun, unique and non-intimidating fitness classes across London – and these are the results! Rave, Gymbox Gymbox are a unique gym chain across London and offer over 140… View Post

Easy, Healthy Recipe: Chicken Courgetti & Spinach Pesto

I am a complete beginner in the kitchen but do like to eat as healthily as I can, so am always on the hunt for easy, healthy recipes that don’t cost a fortune in ingredients. ‘Courgetti’ has become a big trend at the moment, thanks a lot to healthy chefs like Deliciously Ella. Courgettes are ‘spiralized’ to look like spaghetti strips and used instead of pasta to create a lower carb, more nutrient-dense meal. I decided to have a go… View Post

Goodbye Dry Skin: La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP

  Now admittedly this bottle doesn’t look particularly glamorous but oh boy, does it work! La Roche-Posay is an incredible (and affordable) skincare brand that I used to PR when I worked at L’Oreal and I didn’t come across a product from them that I didn’t like. All La Roche-Posay products are designed for sensitive skin in mind and have different ranges for various types of sensitive skin, e.g. acne-prone, rosacea-prone etc. I used to love the original Lipikar Baume… View Post

Finding the Calm: 10 Ways To Relax

Sometimes we all feel like life is getting on top of us. Busy days at work, long commutes and squeezing in exercising and socialising can leave us feeling tired, drained and run down. With a very busy schedule at work, along with planning a wedding, home renovation and finding time to blog, I have certainly been feeling the pressure! This is why it’s so important to take time out to just CHILL. We often wait until we go on holiday… View Post

Best Country House Wedding Venues in the UK

After getting engaged at Christmas, the first thing we started to think about was wedding venues. We both liked the idea of an English country house or rustic barn which would suit a relaxed English country garden party theme and wanted somewhere that was no further than an hour away from London and exclusively ours for the day. It took us a good few months until we found the wedding venue that we wanted (which I won’t reveal here until… View Post

Daily Hair Heroes for Long, Damaged Hair

My hair is quite long and has seen many years of bleaching, highlighting and heat styling, so can get very knotty and needs a lot of TLC. I am finding that these hair heroes below are managing to control my tangled mess during the week! Windle & Moodie Fortifying Treatment Shampoo Firstly, can we just appreciate how COOL this bottle looks? I love the fuss-free, unisex vibe of the bottle (a very Scandinavian trend at the moment, dontcha know). The Windle & Moodie… View Post