I’m a sucker for a good love story and love it when you discover a beautifully written lyric or passage. So as today is Valentine’s Day, I thought what better time than to share 10 of my favourite cute lyrics and lines on love. And as the title suggests, this is a non-cheesy list, so No Take That on here I’m afraid people… 1: ‘She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing,… View Post

It was around a fortnight before my wedding that I decided to try a facial. I had never had a facial before and didn’t want to risk trying one with lots of products or invasive technology in case it broke my sensitive skin out before the day. (Especially when I had just managed to get my breakout-prone skin under control with this skincare routine for sensitive skin). However, I was recommended Face Gym by an old colleague as it is… View Post

Marc and I were about to walk back from our local pub recently when a bus happened to pull up just outside. I wanted to hop on as a) it was freezing and late, b) it was going exactly to our stop and c) it is so rare that a bus ever arrives when you need it to, I took it as some sort of sign. But Marc being healthy and frugal (and not into signs) suggested that we walk… View Post

Most of the things that changed when we got married were admin-related. Clearing up all the post-wedding decorations. Writing thank-you notes (which we are still yet to send, sorry everyone). And figuring out how to change all of my documentation with my new surname. This actually ended up being the weirdest part for me. Though I was generally sad that all of the wedding excitement and honeymoon were over, it was the surname change in particular that was getting to… View Post

When people think of Mexico they might think of the tranquil beauty of Tulum or the party resorts of Cancun. What they might not know about is the northern island of Holbox (pronounced Hol-bosh) which lies about a two-hour drive (and a twenty minute ferry) away from Cancun and feels like a completely different world. THE LOCAL WAY OF LIFE For a start, the island feels much more local than for tourists. We didn’t meet many other Westerners there and instead… View Post

Tulum is such a beautiful part of Mexico and there is so much pleasure to be had in just relaxing by the pristine beaches, swimming in the warm ocean, eating incredible fresh food and ambling around. However, there are 5 things that I think you really must do in Tulum, including a beautiful waterfall cenote and ancient ruins you can climb… 1. Wander the Beach Road As  I mentioned in my Where to Eat, Drink and Stay in Tulum blog… View Post