Review: Beauty Works Dip Dye Extensions

A few weeks ago I treated myself to the new Beauty Works dip-dye extensions and I absolutely love them! Usually I wear Halo extensions as they are cheaper but Beauty Works’ hair really does feel so much softer and natural so I would say that they are definitely worth the investment. Plus Halo don’t do a dip-dye range as far as I am aware!

I picked up the hair extensions from Paul’s Hair World in Manchester where the team colour matched me. I cut the hair into different sized pieces for them to then sew clips onto; I went for 2 x large, 2 x medium and 3 x small with an extra piece just in case. This was just my personal preference but usually the Beauty Works hair is sold with the clips already sewn on. The hair extensions I chose were a naturalĀ  warm blonde/light brown root coloured with gorgeous dip-dyed blonde ends, though there are so many colours to choose from including purple/pink/candy dip-dyed ends! You can see them all on their website

My hair is still fairly blonde as I haven’t died it back to root colour yet but it meant that the lighter ends of the extensions matched in perfectly and looked really natural! Here are a few cheeky before and after shots:

Before (no flash)

After (no flash)

Before (with flash)

After (with flash)

The only negative that I have found with the hair extenions is that they are quite heavy which means they can sometimes slip out of my fine hair, though this could also be down to the clips being sewn-on in store.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommed these extensions. They are ethical, good quality, feel fantastic, can be styled like your own hair and are definitely worth the money.

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