Acai Berry Bowl : Super Easy Healthy Recipe

Not only do Acai berry bowls look beautiful but they are healthy, tasty AND super easy to make!

Easy acai berry bowl

In fact, the hardest part is probably tracking down an affordable acai berry powder! I believe Holland and Barret sell them but my particular organic freeze-dried acai berry powder is from Greens Organic online shop, thanks to my brother Gaz ordering me one for Christmas from their website because yes, I am that person now.

So in case you are wondering what the hell acai (pronounced ah -sigh -e) is, it is basically a deep purple ‘superfruit’ from Central and South America that is reported to have more antioxidants and vitamins than blueberries and other berries. Although if you can’t be bothered to track down acai, swapping in other berries for this bowl would still pack in lots of lovely health benefits!

Ingredients (for 1 individual acai berry bowl)

1 banana

2 tablespoons acai berry powder

1-2 handfuls of frozen berries

Optional: toppings like nuts, seeds, granola give the bowl a lovely crunch


Add in all ingredients into a food processor or blender and pulse into you are left with a cooling, refreshing, delicious acai berry bowl. Add on your favourite toppings (I use chia seeds and either nuts or granola) and yes, that’s all there is to it!!

This is so simple that I wonder if it really counts as a recipe? Anyway, it makes the perfect speedy breakfast, especially as you can drink it on the go if you run out of time to eat at home. Some people add coconut water in too but I like to use minimal ingredients wherever possible. Next time I want to try pouring this into icelol moulds and freezing for a healthy summer icecream option – let me know if you have tried anything similar!

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Let me know if you give this recipe a try and what you think!