Beauty Preview: bareMinerals Adds 10 More Original Foundation Shades

Annoyingly I have had to re-write this post as the first one got hacked. (Top tip WordPress users, always do the updates. I have just learnt the hard way that your site is more vulnerable if you don’t)…

I can’t quite remember exactly what I covered in the old post so the main thing you need to know is that bareMinerals are launching 10 more shades to the Original Foundation line which arrive in the UK in May!

Original Foundation – the loose mineral powder foundation made up of just 5 mineral ingredients – is perhaps what bareMinerals is best known for and is recommended for people who with sensitive skin or who just like that natural makeup look. The best method of using the foundation is to Swirl. Tap. Buff. So sprinkle the same amount as you would cinammon on a coffee into the lid, swirl in the brush and buff across the skin. The mineral pigments work with the natural oils in your skin to leave a creamy, natural foundation finish – to build coverage, you simply keep buffing.

To celebrate the new shades here in the US, the brand has teamed up with YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen who has raved about the foundation in so many of her videos. I popped along to the bareMinerals Original launch breakfast at the fab Maritime Hotel in Chelsea NYC where Ingrid spoke and was so impressed at her passionate presentation and love for the brand, as well as her limited edition bag that contains a beautiful bareMinerals powder highlighter, rose gold brush and Original foundation shade (only currently available in the US I believe).

With 30 shades soon to choose from, you shouldn’t be stuck for finding a foundation to match your skin tone!

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  1. Cate
    February 7, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    wow!! so beautiful!! the perfect foundation color is no longer a mystery then XD

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ 35mm in Style