Now and then, we all need a good pamper. If I’m feeling particularly low or stressed, a combination of sweating it out at my favourite boxing class followed by a trip to a beautiful salon is guaranteed to boost my mood. Luckily there are plenty of awesome nail and blow dry bars in London to suit all budgets, so I wanted to share a few of my favourites below: Cheeky and Barber & Parlour: Best for Pedicures Holborn (smaller) and… View Post

Before our wedding in September, my goal is to turn my light blonde (read: invisible), straight lashes into dark, fluttery, long natural-looking lashes that will work for the wedding day as well as last for the honeymoon. After trying a YUMI Lash Lift a few months ago (full YUMI lash review here), I was really interested in trying lash extensions to see how they would compare. I was kindly invited down to Blush & Blow, a gorgeous blow-dry, nail bar and… View Post

I am obsessed with trying beauty products and absolutely love discovering amazing makeup that feels good, looks good and just does the job brilliantly. Which is why I wanted to share these makeup bits with you as I personally think that they are some amazing beauty products that you really ought to know about! I have been loving using all of them so much so wanted to explain why below:   Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Concealer: This is a gorgeous pot… View Post

Getting my fine hair to look shiny and healthy is always a real struggle. Years of bleaching and straightening, (especially during my teeange years where I had never heard of such a thing as a heat protection spray), left it super dry, frizzy, knotty and just plain dull. Restoring general health back to my hair has definitely helped in the shine stakes, thanks to a combination of using heat protecting creams (my favourite is the Kerastase Ciment Thermique), strengthening shampoos and… View Post

Ever since I entered my 20s I have been dealing with breakouts. My breakouts changed from the monthly hormonal chin spot that I experienced in my teenage years, to regular red spots and whiteheads, usually around my chin and mouth area and sometimes around the hairline too. It is something that seems to be getting worse with age but I have finally figured out what the triggers are for my skin. My triggers: The first is stress – waking up… View Post

Makeup brushes are an essential part of my daily makeup routine as I find that they give much more of a polished, blended finish than using fingers alone. I shared some of my favourite makeup brushes last year in this Favourite Everyday Beauty Brushes post and recently got the chance to try Ecotools brushes, which have now made it firmly into my daily collection. There is minimal shedding (although a little to start with, like all new brushes), they apply… View Post