Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf: A Date with the Jungle Book

It was a cold, rainy Friday night, I had lost my voice after the latest bareMinerals press event and both Marc and I were exhausted after busy weeks at work.

So we decided to escape the rain at the Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf, a boutique cinema in the heart of the new Crossrail station.

Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf

Like the small chain of Everyman cinemas across London (and now Birmingham and Winchester too), the cinema screens a mix of indie and mainstream films, hosts occasional Q&As and also runs an annual live music + film festival.

Everyman LondonLondon cinema with barCanary Wharf cinema

We arrived at 20.30 to a busy bar area and after buying a stupidly overpriced beer, Marc and I headed to the screening room, curled ourselves up on one of the sofas and settled down to watch Favreau’s latest adaptation of The Jungle Book.

Canary Wharf Everyman Cinema

Though it features some of the classic songs, this film is a far cry from the Disney animation, with scatterings of darker moments, like the genuinely tense chase from King Lois’ Angkor Wat style temple and snake Kaa’s hypnotism. Though most of the film is CGI/stop animation with only one human actor playing Mowgli, the cinematography is beautiful and the animals move and behave so realistically that you forget that they aren’t real. There are a couple of duff lines (mother wolf Raksha’s cry of ‘Wolves, attack!’ is a little too reminiscent of ‘Avengers, Assemble!’) but otherwise this is a beautiful film that feels as if it has heart.

Though it is more expensive than your average cinema (tickets cost £17 and beers are around £6), we really enjoyed the comfy sofas, friendly staff and boutique atmosphere of Everyman Canary Wharf. It is the perfect setting for a cosy date and as it is still fairly new to Canary Wharf, it is still a little bit of a secret. Ssh.