First Time Lash Extensions at Blush & Blow, London

Before our wedding in September, my goal is to turn my light blonde (read: invisible), straight lashes into dark, fluttery, long natural-looking lashes that will work for the wedding day as well as last for the honeymoon.

After trying a YUMI Lash Lift a few months ago (full YUMI lash review here), I was really interested in trying lash extensions to see how they would compare.

I was kindly invited down to Blush & Blow, a gorgeous blow-dry, nail bar and beauty salon near Parson’s Green (West London), to try out my first time lash extensions.

I popped in on a Friday afternoon and loved that it was so quiet as it meant I could take plenty of pics of the beautiful grey and gold interiors (and cuddle with the owner’s dog). This is honestly one of the prettiest salons I have been to and would be amazing for a girly pamper party.

Blow dry bar London

I was invited downstairs to one of the treatment rooms where my therapist and I discussed the natural, fluttery look that I was after.

She said that as I hadn’t done lash extensions before and am not super high maintenance, then a more natural looking half set would work best.

She prepped my eyes, applied a black tint onto my lashes for 10 minutes, wiped off and then began to glue the individual extensions onto my lashes. It was a long process (around one hour) but it was incredibly relaxing and as I listened to the spa-like music in the room, a couple of times I did feel myself drifting off!

Eventually, I was told to open my eyes. There was some stinging at first but the therapist trickled water down my eyes to help get rid of any of the glue or dye that may have irritated them and after a few minutes they felt fine. I was then handed the mirror to inspect.

So, moment of truth! Here are the (shiny, make-up-free, awful brows) before-and-afters:

Natural lashes beforeNatural lashes afterFirst time lash extensions

I thought she had done a brilliant job of making them look natural and felt very pleased with them. I feel that the result I got was great for holidays and for no-makeup days (it was SO good waking up in the morning to fuller, black lashes, as it made me look instantly more put-together and saved time getting ready) but I personally found that when I had the rest of my makeup on, they lost their impact and I still needed to wear mascara to bring the look together. So now that I know more about the experience, if I was to get them done again, I would probably want them to look longer and more curled upwards so that they looked more impactful.

For aftercare, I was told not to use any cleansing oils or mascaras with oil in (especially waterproof mascaras) as it will dissolve the glue and make the false lashes fall out quicker. I was also given a spoolie/mascara wand and told to brush them through each morning to stop them crossing over.

I have been doing as told and over one week, only a few have fallen out so far, which apparently is normal as it happens with your natural lash cycle.

So, one week on, this is how they now look (ignore that left eyebrow):

Natural lash extensionsLash extensions Steph Style

I have one month left to get the perfect lashes before the wedding, so do let me know if there are any particular treatments or salons that you would recommend!

In the meantime, thanks to Blush and Blow for a fabulous pamper.

Blush and Blow