I’ve moved to New York for 2 months!

New York from DUMBO

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great one and are feeling motivated for 2017!

I can’t quite believe it myself but I am writing my first post of 2017 from an apartment in Lower Manhattan, New York, which will be my home for the next two months. As I type this I am looking out over at Freedom Tower, the old Twin Towers site, listening to the bells from the beautiful Trinity Church next door (the oldest church in NYC I hear) and the occasional siren from the streets below.

Lower Manhattan

I am here because Marc was sent to work in his company’s NYC office for 4 months, potentially longer, and it seemed like a long time to be apart, especially when we have already dealt with 3 years long distance! After speaking to my work about the situation, they were incredibly understanding and very kindly let me take 2 months leave from work to join him for part of his contract.

So here I am! Ready to spend my time exploring this sprawling city, working on my blog content, planning our wedding and finally being able to focus on a hobby of mine, scriptwriting!

The blog will still cover the same topics – London, health/fitness, beauty, fashion, wedding and interiors – but with an added extra New York element to it!

Steph Style NYC

So if anyone has any NYC recommendations of places to eat/drink, things to do and cool spots to see, then please do let me know!


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