My favourite workout in London: Rumble Boxing class at 1Rebel

My favourite type of workout is one that feels too much fun to count as exercise and the Rumble boxing class at 1Rebel is just that.

The 1Rebel studio is found at London Liverpool St where also on offer is a Barry’s bootcamp style class (you might want to build up to that one). The studio is underground-urban-cool – think exposed breezeblocks, a smoothie desk and copper changing rooms complete with amazing mirrors…

Once you have paid your £1 to hire boxing gloves and £3 to buy wraps, you make your way to the dark round breezeblock room to start the class, which is typically 45 minutes of boxing and HIIT (that’s ‘high intensity interval training’ to the unacquainted).

The great thing is that you get your own bag to punch (and kick, and slap) so no need to worry about fighting against another human being. The instructor has their own bag in the centre of the room where they demonstrate the techniques and this is lit up so that you can see clearly (whilst hiding in your own shady patch of the room).

The class is usually broken down into 3 rounds of boxing that focus on different elements – speed, power, agility etc – interspersed with 3 HIIT rounds that feature everyone’s favourite killers, such as burpees, squats and planks. This is definitely the hardest part of the class for me and something that any first-time friends that I bring struggle most with, so you might want to bear this in mind if you feel like you might struggle. Although sometimes if I feel like I can’t quite catch my breath then I stop and none of the instructors do that annoying thing where they come over and force you to carry on, which I love.

Each instructor has their own style of doing the class but whoever it is, I always find the boxing to be really fun. There is something so satisfying about hitting something that I can’t believe that it counts as exercise. And the soundtrack is always amazingly urban – think Jay Z, Kanye and Eminem. After this, you might just feel like you could handle yourself on 8Mile.

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