Sunset Drinks at The Rockerfeller NYC

As I mentioned in my 15 Things You Must Do When Visiting NYC post, watching the sunset from the bar at the top of the Rockerfeller was one of my favourite experiences in New York.

I would wholeheartedly recommend making time to go up if you are visiting NYC as you can get such stunning views over the city, including views over central park and the Empire State building. This is why I would suggest the Rockerfeller rather than going up the Empire State building, as not only can you get views and a drink (as opposed to paying for views at the Empire State) but you can also get the Empire State building in your pictures too.

The bar (Bar 65) opens at 5pm Mon-Fri and there is usually a queue to go up, although my brother and I were only waiting about 10 minutes when we arrived at 5.15pm on a Thursday in Feb. We didn’t realise that men technically have to wear a collar or suit jacket to be let in but the hostess kindly made an exception for Gaz, providing he left his smart coat on at all times.

If you are early enough you can be seated at one of the indoor tables, otherwise it means standing by the bar. There is an outdoor platform where you can take pictures, which is where we got these shots from. Whatever you do, just make sure you go!

FYI: If you are struggling to get in then there is also 230 Fifth nearby which has fab little disco igloos throughout the winter.