These Lash Extensions Transformed My Life! SVS by Nouveau Lashes Review

This year I had been testing out different lash extensions, enhancements and perms, in the name of finding the perfect eyelashes for my wedding day. For me, perfect eyelashes mean ones that look fluttery, long and full, without looking too fake or heavy.

And after having my first full set of SVS by Nouveau Lashes lash extensions, I can stop my search, for these lash extensions transformed my life…

Best lash extensions for a wedding


The first treatment I started with was the YUMI Lash Lift (full review here), where my own lashes were tinted and lifted into an upwards curl, essentially mimicking the effect you get just after using eyelash curlers. I think the YUMI treatment would be perfect for anyone with naturally long eyelashes who doesn’t wear much makeup or who likes a super natural finish, as the look is much more subtle than eyelash extensions. Sadly they were too subtle for me, as I felt like I still needed to wear mascara and eyeliner to make my eyes stand out.

YUMI lashes

The second treatment I tried was a half set of lash extensions (full review here), which did have much more of an impact but my lashes still weren’t quite as fluttery and full as I wanted them to be (and sadly seemed to disappear after two weeks). This did teach me that eyelash extensions were more suitable for the look I was after.

Lash extensions Steph Style

So it was on to try the SVS (‘speed, volume, style’) lashes from Nouveau Lashes, and like Goldilocks, this third treatment was just right. Actually better than just right, these lashes were amazing!!


What it says on the website: This unique lash extension treatment has been specially developed to combine the best aspects of our Extend and Express treatments while also incorporating the expert work of our Volume Masters. This unique technique has been developed to ensure the health of your natural lashes are at the forefront, meaning your own lashes are protected while we create a custom lash look tailored just for you. A variety of styles are available with SVS, ranging from a natural looking volume to a fuller, more glamorous look – all in a much faster time than you will have ever experienced.


I was kindly invited down to the Karen Betts clinic on Harley Street to meet with the Nouveau Lashes trainer Debbie, who was SO warm, friendly and really made me feel at ease. She really cared about her work and spent so much time in applying the lashes -(and putting the worlds to right with me). As I was visiting her 2 weeks before my wedding, she even said I could message her anytime in the lead up to the wedding if I felt that I wanted more lashes added. Total babe.

Nouveau Lashes Harley St


The SVS process started with Debbie examining my eyes and how the lashes could help to make them look more open. She asked me about the look I was after – long, fluffy, no need for mascara, noticeable without looking too fake – and decided to focus on longer lashes in the middle and outer corners.

She then prepped my eyes by placing pads underneath my lower lash line, so as to protect the bottom lashes, before getting to work. The treatment essentially involves the therapist attaching a number of lightweight, false lashes to the ends of your own individual lashes to lengthen and volumise.

As I wanted a ‘fluffy’ look and as Debbie thought my eyelashes were strong enough to hold them, she applied between 3-4 lash extensions onto each eyelash. She used Russian eyelashes on me, which are synthetic lashes that are much lighter and finer, meaning more can be applied to each lash without weighing them down. The end result is meant to be not just longer and darker, but fuller and more fluttery too.

A normal SVS experience will take approximately 2 hours but mine took 2.5 hours, mostly because I caused a delay by arriving with my existing eye makeup on and having to take it off in the salon and also because I spent a lot of time chatting to Debbie about the look I was after. As it was two weeks before the wedding, I knew it was my last chance to get it right!

It did feel like quite a long time to have my eyes closed but after a first day at a new job combined with relaxing music, I soon felt myself drifting off. There was absolutely no discomfort whatsoever, even when I opened my eyes at the end.


So, the moment of truth! Here are my measly lashes before:

SVS lashes reviewSVS by Nouveau Lashes before and after

And here they are after!!

SVS Nouveau LashesLash extensions reviewBest lash extensions for a weddingSVS lashes from the sideFull set lash extensions

SO much fuller, thicker but still fairly natural looking, am I right?! And no need for mascara whatsoever! Such a timesaver. LOVE.


The aftercare is the same as most lash extensions – avoid getting the lashes wet for 24 hours, using oil on or around the eyes,using an oil-based mascara (not that you would need mascara) or getting steamy (e.g. leaning over a boiling pan, kettle, sauna etc) as these can all disrupt the glue. And after so long with your eyes closed getting them done, you don’t want any to fall out sooner than necessary!

Other tips are to try and avoid sleeping with your face smushed into the pillow and to comb through lashes every morning, to keep them as well groomed as possible.


SVS lashes after one week

I had some shedding during the first week as expected but my lashes still looked incredibly full. I still didn’t need to wear mascara and actually if you prefer a more natural finish to your lash extensions, you’d probably like the effect 1-week in.

Just don’t be scared when you see them falling out – they fall out naturally with your natural lash cycle but as they are so dark and long, sometimes it can be a bit of a shock to look in the mirror and see 2 long black lashes smeared on your cheeks!


A lot of people were scaring me beforehand saying that lash extensions can ruin your natural eyelashes but I can honestly say that my lashes are completely fine, 6 weeks later on. (I wonder whether some people feel like their natural lashes look more sparse afterwards just because they have gotten so used to the full look?)

I can honestly say that I absolutely love the SVS by Nouveau Lashes and if I could afford to have a full set done every 2 months then I totally would. They have been my favourite lash treatment that I have tried and they lasted really well, with some still left in 5 weeks later! It was such a dream not to have to wear mascara and saved so much time in the mornings. I would totally recommend them.


Prices range from £55 upwards.

For more information, visit: 

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