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At first I really enjoyed planning a wedding. Time was mostly spent browsing Pinterest and reading wedding magazines, getting excited talking about all of the things we could do. Also because we were having a 2.5 year engagement, the pressure was truly off.

Half way through, the planning picked up as we booked our venue, caterers and I started trying on wedding dresses. It was still fun but we also began to realise just how expensive all of these things were. (All I can say is, thank you so much to our families for their generosity and help)!

And now with a month to go, I suddenly feel more pressure as the wedding is always at the back of my mind. There is a tiny little voice in my head that constantly asks; Did I pay that invoice? Did I reply to that email? What do I still need to do? How much money is left? Did we make the right decision on this? Have I forgotten something? Why is my eye twitching?

As someone who works in PR and is used to planning events, I have found it really interesting how different it is actually planning a wedding and also, what I have learnt about myself in the process.

So for any other brides-to-be or for anyone who is just interested, here is what planning a wedding is teaching me:

Greenwich engagement shoot

About Myself

I push things away.

This is something that surprised me as at work I have no problem tackling a big to-do list and rarely get daunted by one. However when it comes to the wedding and I look at all of the tasks involved, I am guilty of repeatedly putting them off and pushing away the stress for another day. To be fair, it is exhausting having to think about logistics after coming from a long day at work followed by a long commute but sometimes, you just gotta suck it up and get on with it.

I don’t like commitment.

OK, not the exact phrase that my husband-to-be would like to hear (!) but I have learnt that when it comes to making decisions and handing over money, I often get cold feet. Even if it is something I have been wanting the whole way through, as soon as it comes to committing, I suddenly doubt myself, wonder whether it is the best choice and back out. Definitely not the most productive way of working, so now once I have found something, I pass it over to Marc to confirm the rest. (Thanks Marc!)

 I give myself a hard time.

I think because we have had such a long time to plan this wedding and because part of my job involves creative events, I have put a lot of pressure on myself to create a really distinctive, beautiful, unique wedding. But of course budget is always an issue and it is also hard to think of something that hasn’t already been done before, so I am trying to stop beating myself up and accept that no one will be judging as it will be everyone we love and will be a happy day whatever happens.

About The Planning

Accept help!

Because of popular culture, I thought it was my duty as the bride-to-be to organise every part of the wedding and take complete ownership of it. But the reality is that it is a big task with so many little details (and emails) that go along with it. As soon as I started passing things over to (a very willing) Marc, it became instantly less stressful and a lot more fun.

Planning over the summer is great.

Lighter evenings have made it easier to be productive after work and easier for me to get out and do my fitness classes without lugging around coats/umbrellas/boots etc.

A dedicated wedding venue can be super helpful.

Back when we were trying to decide which wedding venue to choose, I was looking at all options, including a DIY village hall style. In the end we went for a dedicated wedding venue and even though it brings some restrictions (like having to choose from a list of suppliers instead of bringing your own food truck), generally it has made the process much easier, with staff on hand to advise and answer questions and suppliers who are completely used to working there.

Accept that it can’t always be like the weddings you see on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration but it is also the cause of much of my stress! There are so many great ideas but it’s hard to choose between them all, especially when faced with a budget and – it turns out – no creative DIY skills whatsoever. So my advice would be to choose one or two elements that you really love, for example, we loved the idea of having a vintage barrel bar and invested in that.

Book your registrar early!

I wish someone had told us about this as registrars can get booked up really far in advance! I ended up booking 6 months beforehand and there was just one person who was available and we were incredibly lucky that the only time slot they could do was the exact time that we needed them.

Hatton Garden is a great place to buy wedding rings

The amount of independent jewellers in Hatton Garden can be a bit overwhelming but the great thing is that you can get lots of different quotes and haggle until you find wedding rings that fit your style and budget. Even the more expensive jewellers that we visited here ended up being cheaper than the high street!

Sometimes e-invites are best!

We liked the classic element of sending out a paper invite but if truth be told, managing the RSVPs was a bit of a nightmare! Some people did as instructed and emailed the correct email address, while others gave verbal answers, messages over Whatsapp, Facebook messages – the list goes on. So if budgets are tight for you or you are considering sending out an e-invite that people can reply directly to, I would say go for it my friend.


And there we have it! Have any other brides-to-be, wives or husbands got any advice or tips they want to share about their wedding day? Please leave a comment below if so, I’d love to hear from you!

And if you want to find out more about Marc and my relationship, you can visit the post below:

Being Young in a Long Distance Relationship

Our wedding is now just a few months away (finally!) and Marc and I thought it would be a sensible idea to have a pre-wedding photo shoot to get us used to being photographed together and avoid us looking like Chandler Bing when he attempts to smile.

It turned out to be a very good idea as it took us a while to get used to being coupley together in front of the camera! Luckily our photographer Joe was super friendly and easygoing and said that it can take even the best of them a while to warm up.

We decided to keep it local and relaxed so headed to nearby Greenwich park for a few spring pics and I thought I would share a few of them with you below!

Joe Galvin photographyPictures from our pre wedding photo shootGreenwich engagement shootSteph Style weddingPre Wedding shootMarc and Steph Easton

What do you think?

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My 5 Favourite Rustic Prop Hire Companies

My Wedding Dress Inspiration

I have spent lots of time researching rustic wedding prop hire companies for our wedding and have stumbled across some awesome suppliers that I wanted to share in case anyone else needed help with this!

We are specifically after a vintage whisky/wine barrel bar (the type you constantly see floating around on Pinterest) and some beautiful thin gold or mercury tapered candlesticks and it has turned out to be very hard to find a company that offers both or that is close to our Surrey/Hampshire wedding venue.

I think we will have to go with two separate companies but while we decide, why not check out my favourite rustic/vintage props suppliers who made the shortlist…

Nerissa Eve

I defy you to look through the Nerissa Eve wedding prop brochure and not want everything listed on there! I visited her studio in Market Harborough and it was like going into Aladdin’s treasure cave – there were stacks of wine/whisky barrels, wooden logs, crates, vintage bikes and wheelbarrows downstairs with candlesticks, votives, glasswear, crockery, cake stands and frames upstairs.
Friendly owner Nadine is an artist so can also create table plans, menus and pretty much anything else too. A great all round props company run by a lovely lady!

Bath Vintage Hire

Bath Vintage Hire oozes laid-back cool and would be especially great if you are doing a rustic DIY wedding. I love their reclaimed wooden trestle tables and mis-matched folding wood chairs, their barrel bar, vintage props and the fact that they have a gipsy caravan for hire!

Gypsy caravan wedding hireMilk churn hire

The Little Lending Company

Norfolk based The Little Lending Company is one of the most unique prop hire suppliers that I have come across, with not just the usual crockery, votives and kilner jars but some cool arches for outdoor weddings, statement furniture and antler decorations for the hipsters amongst us. Their website is great for general wedding inspiration too!

Haybales outdoor wedding EnglandOutdoor wedding inspiration

I Do Devoted Dreams

I loved I Do Devoted Dreams but sadly can’t order with them as they are based in Kent, the wrong side of London for us. They have props for both vintage and modern weddings, offering some really pretty vintage lawn games, a rose gold wheelbarrow (who knew there was such a thing), rose gold candlesticks (dreamy!), handmade bunting and extras like fairy light backdrops, kilner jars and galvanised watering cans. Their website is really cute too!

Classic Crockery

Based in West London, Classic Crockery specialise in – you guessed it – vintage crockery! They have some beautiful mismatched vintage cups and saucers as well as enamel crockery, furniture, stepladders and vintage style candle holders (including tapered gold ones which are so hard to find)!

Vintage crockery for hire LondonGold and white dinnerware for hire LondonNatural botanical wedding moodboardGold-wedding-theme


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This April I will be attending the wedding of one of my old school friends and I am so excited! Lucy is one of the first of my good friends to get married and only the second wedding that I have been to as an adult, so I’m really looking forward to dancing, celebrating and of course, dressing up.

This Topshop v-neck dress is the perfect wedding guest dress, especially for a spring wedding where the weather can be mixed. The 3/4 sleeves and mid-length dress are modest and will keep you warm if there is a breeze but the delicate blush colour and soft pattern make it pretty and summery. (Oh, and it’s nice and loose for any Prosecco bellies too).

I wore this Topshop dress to work the other day and received so many compliments on it (probably also because I usually only wear black all day, errday). I toughened it up with a leather jacket, boots and relaxed hair but equally you could throw a silver clutch and heeled sandals with it and it becomes way more girly and summery.

Let me know if you have found any other great outfits for weddings in the comments below!

Topshop midi dressLondon fashion blogger

Wedding guest dress ideas

Dress – Topshop

Leather look jacket – New Look (old)

Boots – New Look (last year)

Bag – Bershka (just £10!)

It’s crazy to think that this time next year I will be waking up as a newly-wed.

Suddenly our engagement doesn’t seem so long as it did when Marc proposed back in Christmas 2014 and now the time has come for us to properly start our preparations.

Starting with the wedding venue. As we had only seen it once in the winter, we decided it would make sense to visit around the time of our September wedding, so on Wednesday we both took the day off work, packed up a picnic and headed out of London to the Surrey countryside for another look.

Though the weather was mixed, we managed to pitch up at the quiet Farnham park just as the sun was breaking through. We carried our picnic basket (a bargain from BHS, RIP) through to a field and settled down to refresh ourselves after our slow journey through South London.

Where to picnic in FarnhamPicnic in Fanrham park

We had bubbly, fresh Prosecco courtesy of Premier Estates wine, homemade mini avocado & salmon on crusty brown toast and our own crunchy courgetti with sweet potato, endmame beans and falafel…

Best picnic basketsPicnic in SurreyPosh picnic inspirationPremier Estates proseccoPremier Estates winePremiere Estates wineSteph StyleMarc

It was our first picnic of the summer and probably also the last, as the rain started just as we finished. No need for that sun hat really then.

Once we packed up we headed over to the venue and as we don’t want to reveal the full picture just yet, here are just a few teaser pics…

Wedding door signSecret gardenWedding fireplace
Then it was time to meet our caterers at their tasting evening at the nearby Froyle Park. After a fab 4 course meal paired with more delicious wines, it was time to waddle our way back to the night lights of London.

Not a bad day of wedding planning at all.

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Our Engagement stay at the Rosewood Hotel

As I mentioned in my Country Wedding inspiration post, we love the idea of a relaxed, informal summer wedding and wanted our table settings to match.

Instead of highly controlled bouquets we liked wreaths of eucalyptus entwined with candles, instead of a three course sit-down meal we liked family style dining on wooden platters and instead of silver service cutlery we liked mismatching crockery.

So as my Wedding Pinterest board is looking pretty full right now, I thought I’d share some of my favourite rustic wedding table inspiration from Pinterest below!

Rustic family diningCandles and eucalyptusEucalyptus table runnerGreen table settingsLavender place settingVintage rustic wedding table settingsRustic wedding table inspirationBohemian wedding table inspirationRustic bread rolls