The Best Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments I Tried

If there is ever a time to pamper yourself rotten, it is before your wedding!

Working in the beauty industry meant that I got to try lots of lovely treatments before my September wedding and so I wanted to share some of the best pre-wedding beauty treatments below:

Facial – Face Gym

I had never had a facial before and didn’t want to risk trying one with lots of products or invasive technology in case it broke my sensitive skin out before the day. (I had just managed to get my sensitive, breakout skin under control with this skincare routine for sensitive skin).

However, I was recommended Face Gym by a colleague as it is more of a ‘face workout’ that uses various hand movements to help lift, tone and tighten the face. The idea is that by knuckling, massaging and using high energy whipping strokes, it will stimulate the 40+ muscles in the face, encouraging blood circulation and collagen production. As one of my main areas of concern was my flabby jowels and non-existent jawline, I thought I would try out their Signature Facial and see whether it could help give me any definition between my face and neck.

Firstly, the Face Gym salon on Chelsea’s King’s Road was such a beautiful spot to visit, complete with copper ‘skin bar’, apothecary cabinet and plenty of Instagrammable touches:

Face Gym Copper BarFace Gym Signature FacialFace Gym London

The Signature Facial, designed to naturally help lift and contour the face, lasted around 30-40 minutes and the best way I can describe the experience was like being in a (not unpleasant) human carwash! The facialist massaged, knuckled and ‘whipped’ my skin with her hands and fingers and also used a handheld electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device that emits mild electrical waves to stimulate the muscles and restore skin’s elasticity. This was a fairly strange sensation as it caused different parts of my face to twitch involuntarily but it didn’t hurt.

The trainer began by doing half of my face so that I could see the difference. I have put the picture below for you to guess which side of the face it was but I won’t lie, I had the brightness setting turned up too high on my camera so it doesn’t reflect the difference as much as in real life!

Face Gym Before and After

Congratulations if you guessed correctly – it was the right hand side of this picture that had the treatment! The changes are generally subtle but like I say, more noticeable in real life. My whole face looked tauter and more lifted, the whole face looked fresher and amazingly, it had really reduced the dark circles underneath my eyes. My flabby jowls were still there but did look a little firmer than before.

The effects of this treatment probably lasted 3 days maximum, so would be ideal before a big event or party. Face Gym do recommend visiting regularly to help train your facial muscles (the same way that you would go to the gym regularly and not see long-lasting results after just one session) so if you have the bank balance, I would say go for it!

Spray Tan – Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty

I adore spray tans but it can be hard to find the perfect one that doesn’t go patchy/smelly/orange and that is also close enough to your house that you don’t have to spend too long in public looking like a biscuit.

A beauty journalist friend of mine recommended Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty, a mobile hair and beauty service that can do spray tans in the privacy of you own home. I noticed that they used Sienna X for their spray tans and this had been one of my favourite spray tan brands after my great experience getting tanned with celebrity tanner James Harknett at the W Hotel, London. So even though I knew I wouldn’t have time for a trial, I went ahead and booked them – and I’m so glad I did.

The beauty therapist arrived early, was super friendly, very efficient and did such a beautiful job that even Marc (who is not usually a fan of my fake tanning) was impressed, especially that it didn’t really have that fake tan smell to it.

After sleeping in the tan and washing it off the next morning, I loved the natural-but-noticeable golden glow I was left with. It lasted for about 5 days (until I jumped into the pool on our Honeymoon) and faded very evenly. I would totally book Perfect 10 again.

Lashes – SVS Lash Extensions by Nouveau Lashes

I had tried about three different lash enhancing treatments in my quest to get long, fluttery, dark lashes for my wedding day and by far my favourite were the SVS Lash Extensions by Nouveau Lashes.

I found that they looked impactful without looking too fake and I loved waking up with lashes that were ready to go, no mascara necessary. They were also great at making me look more ‘put together’ on honeymoon where I didn’t wear much – if any – makeup and lasted for about five weeks in total.

The treatment usually lasts 1.5 hours and if I could afford it, I would have them done all the time! You can read my full review of the lash treatments that I tried here.

SVS Nouveau LashesBest lash extensions for a weddingLash extensions review

Brows – Shavata Brows

I have tried many a brow bar in my time as I have very blonde (i.e. invisible) and very bushy brows! My favourite brow bar is Shavata Brows and now I don’t go anywhere else.

I visit the Shavata counter in House of Fraser on Oxford St for brow threading and tinting (you can either just turn up or pre-book an appointment) and love that they get the tint colour spot on, something that is dark and ashy whilst still being natural. (Weirdly, the colour that most other brow bars use always seems to make my brows go ginger!)

The threading is still a little painful (after all, it is threading) but I do have to say that it seems quicker here and I don’t experience quite as much eye watering as some other brow companies that I have been to.

My top tip is to get your brows done at least 7 days before your event or wedding, to give the tint colour time to settle.

Fitness – Reformer Pilates at Ten Pilates

One of my favourite fitness classes for toning and ‘sucking in’ my body before the wedding was reformer pilates, specifically at the Ten Pilates studios.

Reformer pilates takes traditional pilates moves (think yoga but with more strengthening and body-weight toning work) and maximises the moves by having you do them on a moving machine. By having an unreliable base to balance on, it is engaging your core and muscles much more which means quicker results (and usually more aches and pains the next day)!

I love reformer pilates, especially at Ten, because it feels controlled and calm and sometimes not always that hard for certain moves but yet always yields results. I did one class a week for two months and then 2 classes a week for one month and saw a huge difference in my body – I even got abs for the first time in my life!

Ten Pilates City

Has anyone else got any other amazing pre-wedding beauty treatments that they would recommend?

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  1. November 24, 2017 / 10:21 pm

    Amazing.. I haven’t seen eyelashes as natural as yours, stunning! Your blog is gorgeous too, I randomly stumbled across it and I am so glad I did! x

    • Steph
      November 26, 2017 / 9:33 am

      Thank you so much lovely, I’m checking out your blog now! x