Two Great Shine Products for Fine, Damaged Hair

Getting my fine hair to look shiny and healthy is always a real struggle. Years of bleaching and straightening, (especially during my teeange years where I had never heard of such a thing as a heat protection spray), left it super dry, frizzy, knotty and just plain dull.

Restoring general health back to my hair has definitely helped in the shine stakes, thanks to a combination of using heat protecting creams (my favourite is the Kerastase Ciment Thermique), strengthening shampoos and nourishing conditioners (such as my beloved Redken All Soft Heavy Treatment), as well by using less heated hair tools.

But my real heroes when it comes to adding super silky shine to my hair are these bad boys:

Best shine products for fine hair


Redken is a brand that works really well for my hair and this oil has become one of my all-time Redken favourites.

It is described as a protective blow dry oil that works to accelerate the hair drying process whilst adding mirror-like shine and silky smoothness to locks. I can’t say that I have noticed a huge difference with how quickly my hair dries when using this, as it always dries pretty quickly thanks to being so fine and dry. However what I have really noticed is the incredible glossy, reflective shine it adds to my hair!

I usually use two pumps on my mid-lengths and ends, just before blow drying. It is a super lightweight oil which means it won’t weigh down fine hair (although can trickle through fingers!) and it is lasting me such a long time – I still have about half a bottle left 3 months after starting it. It also seems to help my split ends and frizziness look much better too – this is definitely going to be making it into my beauty products I will always repurchase list. Highly recommend.


I believe I received this in a goodybag and I’m so glad I tried it as it is such a wonderful de-frizzing shine serum!

I use it at the very end of styling my hair to tame flyaways, control frizz and most importantly, add glossy shine. The directions recommend massaging 2-3 pumps of the serum between palms before working through lengths and ends of the hair but as it is quite a thick gloss serum, I only use one pump which works perfectly for my fine hair.

This size is really handy for travel and has lasted me a good amount of time (roughly 3 months of daily use). It reminds me very much of the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum which was my favourite gloss serum when I was a teenager – both great shine products for fine, damaged hair.

Toni and Guy shine gloss serum review

Are there any other shine products I need to know about? Let me know in the comments below!