YUMI Lash Lift Review

One of the many joys of being a ginger is that you are left with invisible-looking eyelashes (not to mention white skin that needs constant SPF80).

This meant that tinting lashes and wearing mascara were essential for me (Benefit Bad Gal mascara is the best that I’ve found for making lashes look bold, long and wide open, although can be a pain to take off at night. That stuff is sticky.)

But one day when I saw my manager happily rock up to work after having a YUMI lash lift, it looked like there could be a good alternative. Her lashes looked incredibly long, open and full and seemed to stay that way for a good couple of months. I was sold.

Unlike a traditional perm that simply curves lashes, YUMI Lashes Lash Enhancement is designed to turn the eyelashes upwards and give them length, height and volume, as well as a a tint to make them look bolder and more defined.

It was a treatment exclusive to Harrods but is now also available in Mayfair’s Nails & Brows salon, which is where I visited one weekday after work. I had already had a patch test a couple of days beforehand so was taken straight upstairs to the beauty chair where the staff member doing the treatment sweetly sat me down and began to gently take off my eye makeup.

Nails and Brows Mayfair

The Process

She told me that the whole process would last about an hour which I was initially a bit worried about, having never had my eyes closed for that amount of time outside of sleeping. However I didn’t find it that bad at all as that hour was broken up into three chunks, including a lifting serum to extend the lashes upward, a serum to hold the lifted lashes in place, and a tint to darken the lashes and make them look bolder. It meant there was always something going on and we could chat about each step which made the time go much quicker and kept me occupied, rather than thinking about the fact that I had my eyes closed for so long.

Firstly, as the treatment is only applied to the upper lashes, silicone pads were applied under my eyes to separate these from the lower lashes.

YUMI lash lift review

She then used tweezers to lift and extend each upper lash and it felt like she was sticking them onto something high on my eyelid. She applied the serum and after 10-15 minutes, removed it and replaced with the fixing serum which is designed to hold the newly extended lashes in place. This was also left on for another 10-15 minutes but during this time the therapist gave me an incredibly relaxing head massage which I loved and wished she could have done during every section! Finally, she applied the lash tint for approx. 5 minutes. They have different colour tints available for different skin tones but I opted for blue-black as this is the closest colour to black mascara.

After the therapist gently wiped everything off, I opened my eyes tentatively, expecting to feel some stinging like I can sometimes do during a normal lash tint. So I was super happy to find that there was no discomfort whatsoever!

The Result

I was handed a mirror to inspect my new lashes. This is where the therapist told me that she had done a more natural lash lift as it was my first one and even though I loved the colour and curl to the lashes, I couldn’t help feeling that I wanted them to look even longer, higher and more impactful. I wished she had told me this at the beginning as I could have asked her to do a more obvious lift, especially as I don’t have the longest eyelashes naturally and also because I wanted to get more bang for my £80 buck.

YUMI lashesYUMI Lash extension

I was told not to get them wet or use any oils on them for 24 hours but that after that you can treat them like your normal lashes and that they should last for approx. 2 months. I went into work the next day without mascara and even though it felt amazing to wake up with dark, curled lashes and save time & effort not applying mascara, when the rest of my makeup was on I still couldn’t help feeling that I wanted them to look bolder and more open.

Two weeks later and the lashes have held their curl pretty well and the tint is still there, although fading slightly. (I took these pictures as soon as I woke up, so excuse the lack of makeup/eyebrow grooming):

Lash perm LondonYUMI Lashes honest review

Final Thoughts

Overall I think the YUMI lash lift enhancement is a great option for anyone wanting to avoid mascara or save time, such as anyone going on holiday, new mums and those who prefer a natural beauty look. I have enjoyed waking up every morning looking instantly more groomed and would give it another go, providing they feel that my lashes can withstand a more lifted, exaggerated, more obvious treatment.

This was good to try before the wedding as it has made me think that lash extensions might be more impactful and could be better for me on the day – if anyone has any lash extension recommendations in London or Birmingham, please let me know!

Has anyone else tried the YUMI Lashes Enhancement or any other good lash lifts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. May 15, 2017 / 9:09 am

    I had the LVL treatment which sounds very similar. I loved the effects of it and found it a bit addictive, i think if I was going on a summer holiday where I was going in and out of the swimming pool then I’d definitely get it done again.